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Ann-Kathrin Brömmel Wakes Up The World Cup As Bikini Model WAG [PICS]


Mario Gotze got the glory as the German player who scored the 113th-minute goal that won his nation the World Cup–but we’re a little more impressed with how he won Ann-Kathrin Brömmel at the sidelines. We’re guessing that the lingerie and swimwear model wasn’t in the stands, or else Ann-Kathrin Brömmel would’ve become as a big a deal as overnight World Cup sensation Simone Villar. [photo via…]

Instead, Ann-Kathrin became a fan favorite for getting caught celebrating with Mario on the pitch. That’s what soccer fans call the soccer field, except they call it football. “Pitch,” however, is certainly a universal term for how we’re feeling after checking out more of Ann-Kathrin’s hot bod. We’re thinking that Mario Gotze stayed so cool after winning the World Cup because he’d already spazzed out after waking up and realizing that he’s dating Ann-Kathrin Brömmel.

Ann-Kathrin’s poised for stardom, too. She’s been pursuing a pop-singer career under the name of Trina B. We’re thinking this German native is about to get all kinds of international offers. Take a look for yourself, and you’ll agree that Ann-Kathrin is cause for some international celebrating…

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