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A Bunch of Famous Faces Tip Their Hat to Derek Jeter [VIDEO]



Derek Jeter is set to retire this year and that means there’s only a set amount of time left for New York Yankees’ fans to pay their respects and for Nike to cash in on his career. So Nike and Jordan Brands launched a new “Re2pect” line that kicked off with a somber video full of celebrity cameos.

The video features Jeter stepping up to bat as the cap wearing crowd begins tipping their hat to the Captain. The camera closes in on some members of the crowd and shows that some familiar faces are joining in the respect train such as former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The camera expands to the whole of New York City and a bunch of other celebrity cameos pop into the frame including Billy Crystal, Joe Torre, Phil Jackson, Jay Z, Carmelo Anthony and probably a dozen others that we missed. There is even a nice, friendly jape at the New York Mets. We’re not sure of which ones for reasons that will become obvious when you watch the video. It’s all capped (no pun intended) off at the end with the ultimate sign of sports respect: a tip of the cap from Michael Jordan himself. It may just be a commercial but if you’re any kind of sports fan, it will move you in some way. Check it out below in the embedded video…

This video should hit just about every baseball fan in the heart, even if you’re a hardcore hater of the Yankees. Jeter was one of the last, great, modern heroes of the game that wasn’t marred by some kind of ugly juicing scandal or seedy, off-field antics. It’s like bidding goodbye to the Ghandi of baseball.

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