24 Fine French Femmes For Bastille Day [PHOTOS]

Today is Bastille Day–which means that it’s July 14th, which is kind of like the 4th of July in France–except the country is celebrating the date back in 1790 when the French Nation really came together. That was a couple of years before the peasants of France got really pissed off and grabbed all the royalty and lopped their heads via the guillotine.
Yeah, that was kind  of extreme–but it was worth it for all of the future French models. Check out this amazing collection of French babes, and ponder how they might still be working in some kind of bakery if France hadn’t gotten shaken up real good. Besides, the peasants were still cool with the whole Bastille Day thing. That’s why we’re still celebrating it–in this case, with 24 hot French babes. That’s one for every hour.
We’ve tried to go (relatively) obscure, but we had to add Constance Jablonski–who you can see a lot more of here. We should also note that Eva Green was born in France. You can check out some hot new pics of her here. Furthermore, you might want to check out sexy pics of French girls French kissing–and maybe some of the most French photos ever taken. You can also look back to when we compiled even more fantastic French beauties, but, really, start warming up your baguette with this hot collection…

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