Harrison Ford Turns 72 And He’s Still Han Solo [VIDEOS]

han solo

It seems almost impossible to believe but Harrison Ford, the man who’s given us such iconic roles as Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, Rick Deckard, and Dr. Richard Kimball, is turning 72 today. Yup, you read that right. He’s older than D-Day, Israel, ABC Television, and IKEA, but just because he’s the same age as your grandfather, doesn’t mean he’s going to be caught sitting around napping or telling war stories.

Ford is currently recuperating from an ankle injury sustained on the set of Star Wars Episode VII, where he is reprising the role that made him famous. He’s also set to don the fedora at least once more as Indiana Jones at some point in the near future, meaning that maybe we can get a better send-off for that beloved character than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Though Ford is best known today for his grumpy interviews and salty attitude, the truth is that he’s pretty much always been that way, he just refuses to hide it now. He’s also got one wicked senses of humor as proven by his appearances on the late night talk show circuit and in the films Anchorman 2 and Brüno. Enjoy these clips that conclusively prove that Harrison Ford is still the reigning iconic American badass.

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