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Tonight’s The Night For The Supermoon



Supermoon 1

It’s an unusually good Saturday night to be alive. Tonight is the first of three “supermoons” that will be visible in the night sky, with the next two scheduled for August 10th and September 9th. So what is a Supermoon, you ask? Let’s allow science to explain…  [photo: Chris McGrath/Getty News Images]

The moon follows an oval or elliptical orbit, and a supermoon occurs when the moon is in the part of its orbit closest to Earth. At this point, known as “perigee,” the moon is about 30,000 miles (50,000 kilometers) closer to the planet than at its farthest point, or “apogee.”

It’s not that rare an occurrence, happening roughly once every thirteen months or so, it’s just rare that we’re having them stacked on top of one another like this. Tonight’s supermoon will be at its brightest at 8:25pm EST tonight, when half of the sun will still be in the sky. At least, that’s according to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and who are we to argue with the master?

So make sure to head out right around that time and look up. Just beware the super werewolves that are sure to be spawned thanks to the supermoon. Those are totally real, so watch out for them…

[photo: Getty Images Entertainment]


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