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Robot Cabaret Takes Japanese Weirdness To Amazing New Heights [PHOTOS]


Japanese sensibilities have always run toward the extravagant, opulent, and weird. For a country on the cutting edge in electronic technology, they often find ways to use that technology for some pretty strange things. Case in point: The Robot Restaurant, a Tokyo nightclub that has taken the country by storm since it opened in 2012. [pics: Chris McGrath/Getty Images News]

With a price tag just north of 100 billion yen (or ten million U.S. dollars), the Robot Restaurant is unlike any nightclub you’ve ever seen before. Every surface is covered in lights, mirrors, or monitors, meaning that there is quite literally something to see no matter where you look.

Even without the sensory overload, however, it’s the nightly cabaret show that’s the talk of the town. Like any good cabaret, this one features scantily clad women dancing and gyrating, but unlike every other cabaret in existence, this one has robots. Robot boxing, robot vehicles (including a tank), and dance routines featuring robot. This is like something out of a Philip K. Dick story–only much brighter and more garish.

Needless to say, this is a one of a kind experience that has to be seen to be believed–and we have plenty of amazing pics from both the actual club and from behind the scenes. You’re also going to love the futuristic urinals…

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