World Cup 2014 Finals Model Showdown: Argentina vs. Germany

World Cup 2014 Finals Model Showdown - Argentina vs. Germany-1

We couldn’t have asked for a better World Cup 2014 draw between Argentina and Germany–it’s Europe vs Latin America, team play (Germany) vs. a superstar (Argentina)–so you can be sure that the entire world will be watching.

Considering the sheer number of Argentinian fans who’ve traveled, it’s fair to say “La Albiceleste” are essentially playing a home game. Germany, however, remain the favorite going into the match. Rightfully so–it’s hard to forget seven goals against Brazil.

So in order to even things up, we thought we’d take the game off the pitch field and bring it back to something both nations know very well: beautiful women. We’ve chosen who we believe to be the 12 hottest women from Germany and Argentina and pitted them against one another for you to vote on. It’s not going to have any effect on the actual game itself, but it’s definitely something to distract you from the Lebron nonsense going on right now.

Argentinian Models


German Models

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