Rachael Taylor: 32 Pics For The Awesome Aussie’s 30th Birthday [PHOTOS]

Rachael Taylor

Rachael Taylor is turning 30 years old today–that being July 11, 2014–and we’re thinking that she’s handling that milestone pretty well. The bad news is that you won’t find a striking blonde Australian model who’s had worst luck with landing roles in television series. The good news is that Rachael Taylor still looks like a striking blonde Australian model.

And yet we still have to ponder why Rachael Taylor isn’t a big star. To be fair, she started out in Hollywood doing plenty of quality schlock. She got some attention in America by playing ’80s sex symbol Catherine Oxenberg in a 2005 TV-movie about the Dynasty television series. A lot of regular guys caught her in theaters as one of the many as one of the hot babes stalked by a psycho slasher (played by Kane) in the 2006 WWE production See No Evil. Rachael also made it into the 2005 comic-book movie Man-Thing, but that was one of those comic-book movies that went straight to video.

Rachael finally took off with a prominent role in 2007’s Transformers, followed by an underseen turn in the surprisingly strong 2008 adaptation of the Asian horror hit Shutter. It still wasn’t long before Rachael was consigned to the small screen with a role on Grey’s Anatomy. That was followed by the quickly-canceled Charlie’s Angels reboot. 666 Park Avenue didn’t do much better, and Crisis was also quickly canned this year.

Rachael Taylor still gets to be Rachael Taylor, though, and we’re going to keep hoping that Hollywood figures out what to do with her–although the Australian film industry might have some good ideas, too. We’re still thinking that we’ll see lots of Rachael in her thirties. She’ll probably keep looking this great, too…

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