Katie Buitendyk on “Reign” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Katie Buitendyk on Reign

(9:00 PM EST, The CW)

It’s a very big night for your humble See Her Tonight column, because we’ve been anxiously waiting for tonight’s rerun of Reign on The CW. We’ve raved over Reign gals like Caitlin Stasey, Kathryn Prescott, and Katie Boland, of course, but Katie Buitendyk completely sneaked up on us as a very special guest star that deserves a lot more attention. [photo via…]

Katie Buitendyk  is pretty much our idea of a dream girl, since she combines beauty and brains with the ability to play a cello–and any New Yorker can tell you that there’s something riveting about the occasional Elizabethan beauty wandering the city while hauling around an oversized cello case. Katie, in fact, was attending the University of Toronto and majoring in Astrophysics and Astronomy when she decided to give this modeling thing a try.

As you’re soon going to see, Katie ended up going all out while baring her bod for the cameras. This daring dame has also shown off an incredible range, and you’ll be appreciating why photographers can’t wait to work with this fascinating gal. Now we need for Hollywood to catch up with Katie. The comely Canadian hasn’t even shown up on Supernatural yet, and we’re pretty sure that there’s not even a single Syfy appearance on her filmography.

We’re also sad to report that Manhattan Undying–in which Katie plays an undead waitress–didn’t even cross the bridge to come film in New York City. So now we’re doing our part to wake up the world to Katie Buitendyk as a star waiting to happen. Take a look, and you won’t even think that she has to change her name…

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