Cara Delevingne Alone In Bed (With Sideboob) For Telegraph Mag [PICS]

It’s probably been a weird week for bisexual beauty Cara Delevingne, since we have to assume that she’s as confused as we are to see former girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez frolicking on vacation with Zac Efron. Let’s not even consider the rumors about Zac’s sexuality. It’s just weird to see Michelle Rodriguez–who’s been very comfortable with a public identity as a lesbian–suddenly in the tabloids with a guy. It’s not like Michelle has ever needed a guy on her arm before.

All we can figure is that she might be up for a really big mainstream film role. Anyway, that’s all on our minds because now we’re staring at Cara Delevingne being all alone in bed for a photo shoot for the fine Telegraph magazine (which is the Saturday publication of the UK’s Telegraph newspaper). Well, she isn’t completely alone. Cara is accompanied by plenty of sideboob as she wraps herself in the sheets, and there’s also a bunny rabbit.

We do not know what the bunny rabbit signifies. We do know that Cara is looking significantly hot in these photos, though. In fact, she’s never looked better. We remember how Cara was a hot influence on Michelle Rodriguez, too. Let’s assume that romance has been win/win for everybody–except we’re not sure how Zac is benefiting, but that’s none of our business…

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