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The State of Colorado is Literally Smoking Tons of Pot


Colorado Pot

Washington has some catching up to do in the marijuana smoking race. Colorado is doing so much pot that they’re selling tons of the stuff to its residents and visitors.

According to the Associated Press, a new study found that since Colorado’s legal recreational marijuana laws went into effect, demand has reached 130 metric tons per year. The total includes 121 metric tons for Colorado residents and 9 metric tons for visitors. That’s more than 10 tons of marijuana each month. The tourists may not be buying as much of the stuff overall but they did make a noticeable dent in the industry’s bottom line. Just in Denver, more than half of the marijuana sales went to out-of-towners. The percentage of sales to visitors jumped to 90 percent in mountain regions and tourist destinations elsewhere in the state.

So the basic conclusion of this groundbreaking study is that Colorado is selling a ton of pot. That means they are also reaping all of the benefits that go with it. They are clearly attracting more tourists whether it’s to visit their majestic state or just to buy weed without worrying if they will have to call their lawyer or spend a night in a prison cell. Their pot runs are also bringing money to local businesses like hotels and restaurants during their stay. Plus, all those weed sales are adding up extra sales tax dollars that can go to fund other important things assuming that the politicians in charge of distributing the money don’t blow the money on something stupid or give it away to their political friends. If this study doesn’t make every other state in the Union green with envy, then nothing else will.

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