Rebecca Ferguson Is Getting Lethal For "Mission: Impossible 5" [PICS]

The biggest news for film geeks yesterday was all about a future blockbuster, with Rebecca Ferguson announced as an international assassin in the upcoming Mission: Impossible 5. We’re also thinking that Tom Cruise was maybe geeking out, because Rebecca Ferguson is a pretty good candidate for his next official wife. This striking Swedish beauty is often a redhead like Nicole Kidman, but Rebecca’s already boasting an outrageous rack. Also, Rebecca is 5’7″–which isn’t quite as statuesque as Nicole, so maybe Rebecca could sometimes go out while wearing heels. [photo via…]
Rebecca supposedly took the role after Jessica Chastain turned down the script, but that’s okay with us. We were wondering when we’d see Rebecca on the big screen again. She started out in her homeland in the hit show Nya tyder, and then went international with a starring role as Queen Elizabeth in the hit series The White Queen. Well, it’s a hit series to certain types, and the BBC production landed on the STARZ channel here in the States.
That high-profile role landed Rebecca in the upcoming Hercules with Dwayne Johnson. We were already excited about seeing the redhead ravaging the big screen in IMAX 3D, and now we’re expecting that Rebecca will be getting lethal in the same big format in–well, Christmas of 2015, so that’s going to be a wait. Now we’re even more grateful for Hercules.
We’re still not sure if Rebecca is going to be all villainous, or maybe something more complicated. We are sure, however, that Rebecca is now all set to become a lot more than just a cultish sex symbol. Start warming up now, and understand why it’s going to be an impossible mission for us to go see Mission: Impossible 5 without wearing a raincoat…

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