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Ranting Gal Says She Owns Facebook, Drugs Might Be Involved [VIDEO]


Insane Girl Owns Facebook & Satellites

Mark Zuckerberg might have some new legal problems, since there’s a gal who claims to own Facebook–and she also seems to have the inside scoop on all kinds of other amazing insider information. We guess that you can learn a lot about the world when you own Facebook. Or it’s possible that drugs might somehow be involved in what’s probably the most fascinating rant that we’re going to hear today.

And it’s courtesy of WorldStarHipHop, which makes for a nice departure from violent street fights. The most violent thing in this clip is lots of NSFW profanity. Fortunately, there’s no nudity. We’re partly glad because we don’t want to exploit a poor troubled gal too much. Also, that outfit she’s wearing gets a lot less sexy once she’s close up to the camera. She gets very close to the camera.

That’s another reason we don’t feel bad about this video. The guys taping this aren’t looking to ridicule her. She literally walks over and drops her science willingly. The people behind the camera seem to be of the opinion that the lady might occasionally partake of crack. That seems kind of insightful to us. Judge for yourself while checking out this clip. We’re going to call up the Winklevoss Twins and try to sell them some industry news…

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