Meet Alix Tichelman, The Alleged Google Exec Heroin-Killing Domme [22 PHOTOS]

Hollywood must really be working overtime in working up different ways of telling the story of Alix Tichelman–who’s making headlines as the 26-year-old alleged (and allegedly kinky) hooker who went off in a yacht with a Google executive who died of a heroin overdose. Alix Tichelman is a screenwriter’s dream as the alleged details start to come along. The charges include that Alix did nothing as her wealthy client died of a reaction to the drug. Instead, we’re hearing that Alix calmly finished her wine, closed the blinds to the cabin of the docked ship in Santa Cruz, California, and stepped over the guy’s dead (or dying) body. Was she wearing stiletto heels? We’re pretty sure that she was wearing stiletto heels.

Anyway, the captain of the ship found Forrest Hayes’ dead body. and we guess he didn’t have to be Captain Obvious to figure that there was some serious debauchery going on abroad with a broad. The cops were able to get Alix Tichelman’s very attractive fingerprints off the wine glass (she left behind the wine glass) and was able to use Hayes’ computer to track down the arrangements for the pro domme’s rendezvous.

Nine months later, cops booked a fake session with Alix and arrested her on suspicion of second-degree murder, along with concealing evidence and transportation of narcotics. But who is the real victim here? Okay, it’s probably Forrest Hayes, but we’re still thinking that we should get a Kickstarter going on Alix’s $1.5 million bond. She certainly sounds like a nice girl in this (SFW) fetish site interview, and some COED staffers met a boyfriend of her’s once, and he seemed like a nice guy. [UPDATE: Yeah, we should probably note that he died last year, and now the cops have some questions.]

Anyway, Alix may not be particularly giving if you’re dying after you’ve already paid for her services. She has, however, been very giving with her Twitter account and Facebook page. Check out these very best pics of Alix, and enjoy her more innocent days while we ponder who’ll play her fictionalized version on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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