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Lost Bill Murray 1984 Sci-Fi Movie Gets Discovered (Again) [VIDEO]


Word is out yet again that the lost 1984 movie Nothing Lasts Forever–starring Gremlins‘ Zach Galligan with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd–is available in full on Youtube. We’re big fans of finding full movies floating around on Youtube, but we also get nervous when word gets out and the content gets yanked or put into the commercial realm.. Now we have to pay to see Unman, Wittering & Zigo, for example.

But it’s inevitable that everyone once in a while someone discovers the bonkers 1984 sci-fi spoof Nothing Lasts Forever. It’s been on Youtube since 2011 in the particular version below. It’s the story of an aspiring artist who finds out that hobos secretly rule the world, and learns that the moon is the last really creative place in the universe. In fact, the moon seems to be the only place where you can live your life in color–and Bill Murray is the space conductor who can get you there.

You can tell that the entire film was financed on the cheap, and MGM probably didn’t think it was any great loss to never release the movie. There are enough old clips from other films here to make you believe that the real problem was clearing use of all the old footage. It probably still seems baffling to think that a movie with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd could’ve gone unreleased in 1984.

We’re more impressed that Zach Galligan was brave enough to make this his follow-up to Gremlins. We met him once, and he was pretty serious about his work in the theater, so he probably got a kick out of how this thing plays like a stage production. Anyway, check it out in case this most recent spate of interest finally gets MGM to yank the video. The studio’s still having money problems, so they’re probably not out to give anything away for free…

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