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What We’re Packing To Camp At The Hudson Project This Weekend


Hudson Project

After a long night on Amazon, we’re finally all geared up for the inaugural edition of The Hudson Project this weekend in Saugerties, NY. Since I know that more than a handful of our readers will be attending the 3-day music/arts festival, I thought that I might share with you what we’re bringing with us to ensure maximum fun.

Don’t have a ticket yet? What are you waiting for?

Those of you who have been to camping festivals will attest to the fact that forgetting some necessities at home is a real drag, but the good news is that there will be a shop available if you need anything. Having said that, you’re going to want to save all your cash (yes bring cash) for fun things like beer and food.

Speaking of booze, you should know that since I’m going to be traveling alone I will not be bringing a cooler. If you’ve got the manpower to transport one, I suggest doing so–along with a couple of frozen water bottles (which will act as your refrigeration and double as water), a case of beer, and a bottle of something you enjoy.

Tent Necessities (These will all fit in a big duffel bag):

• A tent + rain canopy (hammocks are a little bold at a festival, especially when you need to have stuff stored)
• 2 tarps (one for the ground and one for maybe inside my tent)
• A ten fan (morning tent heat is one of the more uncomfortable things in life, but I’m a cranky b*tch)
• An air mattress (pads are great but air mattresses are greater)
• A light sleeping bag
• A lock for my tent (as if that will keep people out of my stuff)
• An airplane pillow

Life Necessities (These will fit in a big backpack):

• Baby wipes / Sanitizer
• Sunscreen
• Toothpaste x toothbrush
• Deodorant
• Sunglasses
• Water bottle (Camelbaks are good but I have a DSLR and don’t trust water near it).
• Towel (just in case you actually want to shower)
• Cash Money
• Ear plugs (to aid my sleeping)
• A portable USB charger for my phone
• A small backpack
• A portable chair (can’t pack, will sling over shoulder)
• 2 trash bags | 2 Ziploc bags
• Two lighters

Footwear: (I’ll wear the sneakers and pack the boots)

• Rain boots
• Comfortable sneakers that I don’t mind ruining

Clothes (I’ll find space for these somewhere)

• 4 pairs of socks (2 short, 2 high for the rain boots)
• 3 pairs of underwear
• 2 t-shirts
• 1 pair of athletic shorts with zipper pockets
• Bandana
• Poncho
• Hat

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