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We Still Love You, Brazil….And Your Beautiful Babes [54 PHOTOS]


The world is reeling over Brazil’s humiliating loss to Germany in the World Cup finals–but the country has one heck of a consolation prize. You might have heard that Brazil is pretty bountiful when it comes to beautiful women. They grow up wearing bikinis, too, so they’re sure not shy about showing off their bods once they’ve bloomed under the tropical sun.

So just as Leonardo DiCaprio got over the Oscars with a yacht full of women, we are recovering from Brazil’s loss in the World Cup by indulging ourselves in Brazilian babes. We’re not sure how we’ll recover from the financial loss. There was a lot of money riding on that game. Wasn’t there a kind of thing where Brazil had never lost a game on their home field? Oh, well. Let’s concentrate on the present–and you can present yourself with plenty more pics of Brazilian galsl ike Caroline Trentini, Isabeli Fontana, hot sportscaster Andressa Urach, and various BumBum Girls. Here, however, is a head start that’ll even get a guy with Brazilian blood revived with some World Cup fever…

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