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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Wednesday, July 9th


It’s another breezy day in our Instagram feed, which seems to have turned into a magical wonderland full of women in bikinis–and other women who seem determined to prove that other clothes can be just as sexy as bikinis. And, of course, there’s the occasional gal who needs to prove that no clothes can also be kind of hot. We’re starting off with Alyssa Julya Smith (above), and she sure has us sold on the appeal of the bikini–but you’ll find lots of other appealing pics right here.

Consider the lovely Carly Lauren, who seems to have a denim dress falling right off of her built bod. Katie Ann Martin is showing off on her birthday by barely staying in—well, we think those are leggings. Lauren Rhodes is wearing nothing but bubbles, while Galinka Mirgaeva is (barely) dressed for the gym. Nikki Nixx is showing off her physically-fit bod in some kind of sporty outfit that gets our pulse racing.

Kayla Rae Reid is cooling down with a shower, and those are all just a few of the many different ways that our Instagram friends have gotten us through the day. Now it’s your turn to get through, too….

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