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Jamie Gray Hyder on “Graceland” [SEE HER TONIGHT]



See Her Tonight

Jamie Gray Hyder on Graceland

(10:00 PM EST, USA)

Your See Her Tonight column hasn’t been paying too much attention to the USA network’s Graceland–but it mainly seems to be about a bunch of undercover agents for different government groups all living in a nice beach house. We’d be tuning in more if it played more like Baywatch Undercover. We’d also be watching more if the show made better use of Jamie Gray Hyder, who we didn’t even realize was part of the show’s regular cast.

We’re hoping that Graceland will grace us with plenty of Jamie Gray Hyder tonight. Otherwise, it’d be a waste of a great True Blood reunion between Jamie (who played the werewolf Danielle) and former fairy Lindsey Haun. True Blood really paid off Jamie, who had mostly been working as a model with a very exotic look. She’d managed a very small role in a forgotten sitcom, but the role of Danielle made her a real rising star. Although nobody seems to have told the producers of Graceland.

We’re still pretty sure that Jamie Gray Hyder is going to bust out again from some underrated show. Until then, enjoy tonight’s Graceland and warm up with these hots pics of an alluringly offbeat beauty…

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