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Florida Road Construction Sign Says, “F@#k Her Right In…” [PHOTO]


Dirty Road Sign

A rogue construction sign in Tampa, Florida has joined in on one of the most bizarre memes currently threatening to take over the internet. We actually have mixed feelings about this whole “F@#k her right in the pu$$y” craze–that, after all, started with painfully-staged fake news footage where a man on the street grabs a mic and shouts out the offending phrase. Well, the first one was pretty cool, but the next two were kind of lame. (See them all here.)

We were, however, very impressed when a Brazilian futbol fan met an actual news reporter in Toronto and turned fiction into reality. Of course, it helped that the guy seemed kind of shy and that the female reporter handled it really well. And now some wise guy managed to commandeer this construction sign in Tampa and turn it into another bold exclamation of  “F@#k her right in the pu$$y.”

Which, we’ll admit, is genuinely funny. And also baffling to people who don’t follow this whole internet thing. This (nicely censored) pic was posted on the Twitter feed of Tampa’s ABC Action News, and even the local CBS affiliate had to give props and cover the story. Check out the difference between the headline and the URL, too. Covering this kind of national craze can make people nervous–but whoever pulled off this gag was probably safely hidden away and having a big laugh here–which was admittedly well-earned.

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