Emma Watson Hangs Out In Her Bra For Paris Fashion Week [43 PICS]

We watched Jennifer Lawrence rock lots of sideboob yesterday while also rocking Emma Watson at Paris Fashion Week–and it looks like Jennifer really shook some fine fashion sense into the former Harry Potter figure. We love seeing Emma show off her very grown-up figure now, of course, but we didn’t think we’d get lucky enough to see her deciding to just hit Paris while showing off her bra. [pics: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment]

That is just a bra, isn’t it? We’re not really up on our high fashion, but this really does look to us like Emma Watson forgot to wear a dress while heading off to the front row of today’s Valentino fashion show. Which means that our own Hogwarts School online classes are really paying off. We’ve been trying to cast that spell for years.

Emma also hit the fashion shows just the day after J.K. Rowling gave us a glimpse of a grown-up Hermione via the Pottermore site. Actually, the Hermione in that story is a lot more older than Emma is now, and is also married to that Weasley guy, which is kind of a turn-off. We’re going to settle for staying turned on to Emma Watson right now–and here are plenty more hot pics to show you how Emma can really rock some fashion…

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