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4th Of July Weekend At ASU Is What You’d Refer To As “Turnt” [VIDEO]


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It’s crazy to think that even during the dog days of summer, ASU is the college party that you read/dream about (body shots, hot chicks, pools, and Taco Bell)–but that’s just the way it is.

Titled “48 Hours at ASU,” this video sent to us by a student currently making the most of his break is just a taste of what incoming students should expect. Do you really need more of a reason to go to school out in Arizona? How about the stoopid hot sorority chicks there?

If you’re an ASU student wishing you were back at school right now, why not do something productive with your money and cop a ticket ($10) to the Back to School bash at Club 910 on August 22nd?

Not an ASU student? Shoot us a video of what your campus is up to this summer to

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