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Valerie Azlynn vs. Sex Addicts on “Sullivan & Son” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Valerie Azlynn on Sullivan & Son

(10:00 PM EST, TBS)

Your humble See Her Tonight column has gotten excited over Valerie Azlynn before, but tonight is a very special episode of the TNT sitcom Sullivan & Son. For one thing, the show marks the return of The Big Bang Theory‘s Kunal Nayyar as swinging superstud Neal. That’s a double reunion, since Valerie guested on The Big Bang Theory as an evil actress who used her feminine wiles to turn the geeky guys into her (non-sex) slaves.

But tonight’s episode is called “Sexual Healing,” and it brings back Neal as a supposedly-recovered sex addict. And who else shows up as one of Neal’s fellow sex addicts? That would be the fabulous Faye Viviana, who’s certainly the sex addict of our dreams.

Valerie’s been a dream gal for a while, too. We’d already gotten a bang out of Valerie back when she starred on the short-lived sitcom Welcome to the Captain. She’d also shown up on the short-lived Mr. Sunshine as a star player in the Lingerie League, and was also part of the parade of beauties who beautified How I Met Your Mother.

We’re looking forward to geeking out to Valerie in the upcoming horror film Dark Awakening, and let’s all hope that Hollywood catches on to Valerie as either a comedic talent, a dramatic actress, or even a serious singing talent. For now, we’re just happy to have Valerie and Faye as a delicious double-bill that gets us tuning in tonight…

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