The Sexiest German Superfans Of The World Cup 2014 [78 PHOTOS]

The Germans have made it to the Semifinals of the 2014 World Cup and somehow we’ve yet to post on their hottest superfans. Our deepest apologies–we took Colombia’s loss pretty hard. And the US. And even Mexico. But now we’re back in it to win it bring you the finest dames supporting Deutschland.
Since we’re now well into the deep stages of the tournament, the good news is that we’re seeing a lot more of the players’ WAGs showing up to the matches. Lena Gercke (wife of Sami Khedira) and Sarah Brandner (girlfriend of Bastian Schweinsteiger) watched the two previous games from the stands, so we’re hoping for a reappearance today.
As far as the actual semifinal game is concerned, there’s a lot to take into account. Brazil hasn’t lost in a competitive match at home since 1975. I read somewhere that Germany hasn’t ever lost to the World Cup host nation (but of course now that I’m writing about it I can’t find that link but let’s just go with it).
If you’re looking for some real number crunching we suggest you head to FiveThirtyEight here, otherwise let’s just enjoy some quality football and better looking women. Here are the sexiest German superfans of the 2014 World Cup.


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Jennifer Lawrence Rocks Sideboob (And Emma Watson) For Dior [PICS]
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