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Sexy Video Game Cosplay Gals For National Video Game Day [57 PHOTOS]


Sexy Video Game Cosplay Gals For National Video Game Day3

It’s National Video Game Day–that being Tuesday, July 8th, and we’re a little confused because tomorrow is really the anniversary of Donkey Kong hitting retail shelves back in 1981. We’re thinking that the problem might be that Donkey Kong doesn’t really have any hot babes. After all, it’s pretty obvious that the video game’s greatest contribution to society has been creating futuristic worlds full of sexy sci-fi babes who (unlike Wonder Woman and Supergirl) are running around in 3D.

Well, the video game gals are sometimes in 3D. The beautiful babes who do video game cosplay, however, are always in 3D, and we’ve worked up lots of hoppin’ poppin’ eyeballs over these beauties at various conventions. Yes, we geek out over both video games and video game girls.

And we think this hot gallery of video game cosplay cuties will also do a lot to improve the reputation of girl gamers. We’re not big fans of how the ladies often get treated in the gaming community, and these pics are a great collection of gals who are really dedicated to all kinds of games. You’ll see a lot of League Of Legends ladies here, for example, and they’re showing off lots of fabulous kinds of fandom. You’ll also be amazed by some lethal ladies representing Assassin’s Creed and Mortal Kombat–and they’re striking poses that a lot of boy gamers could never manage.

Silent Hill and The Sims are also representing. And, yes, we have some Lara Crofts –but we wouldn’t want to miss with these Laras when it comes to high scoring. (We still understand if you need to see an exclusive Lara Croft cosplay gallery here). Anyway, celebrate Video Game Day with some dedicated gals who’ve really let their imaginations take off. We think your own imagination will get a workout, too…

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