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Jennifer Lawrence Rocks Sideboob (And Emma Watson) For Dior [PICS]


There’s a Haute Couture Fashion Week going on in Paris, and that’s bringing out the babes like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson–who came together in a great display of sexy celebs with lots of added sideboob. Sadly, we’re only talking about Jennifer Lawrence baring lots of her boobs, but that’s not such a bad thing. She certainly was eager to show off her assets while attending Dior’s Fall/Winter fashion show. [photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage]

In fact, Jennifer was anxious to show off a bod that looked like this….

And, yeah, Emma Watson was there, too–although she wasn’t quite showing off her bod. We don’t think that you’ll have any complaints when you check out Emma’s outfit, though. Especially since we’re checking out Jennifer playfully manhandling Emma at some kind of party backstage where we wouldn’t have been allowed even if we were in Paris.

But you’ll want to check out the hot shots from there, along with more of Jennifer looking very cool in a very breezy dress. And we also have Emma and Jennifer looking very hot while checking out the fashion models from the front row–and that’s CEO Dior Sidney Toledano sitting between them while redefining the phrase “like a boss.” We promise that this is one fashion show that’ll really hold your attention….


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