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2014 Le Tour De Femmes: Babes On Bicycles [PHOTOS]


2014 Tour-de-France

The 2014 Tour De France is now well underway, so we’re back to posting one of our favorite annual features: Babes on Bicycles.

I don’t know if you’ve ever taken the time to actually watch the sporting event, but to be flat out honest it’s really boring. Sure, the scenery is beautiful and the anticipation of watching one of the fans collide with the peloton is sort of fun, but there’s a definite lack of sexiness in the sport. Even kisses from the official models are a “non non,” as the winner of one of the group stages found out this weekend.

What we propose are a sprinkling of some of these sexy women with shorts skirts riding among the group. It might actually make the sport fun.

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