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New “Gone Girl” Trailer Is Really (Literally) Damn Dark [VIDEO]


Can anyone tell us if Emily Ratajkowski is in this new extended trailer for Gone Girl? It’s kind of hard to see in this thing. In fact, you’re looking at a still below of Ben Affleck’s character that’s taken with a flash camera. It’s one of the very few bright shots in what looks to be the gloomiest movie ever made.

Of course, everyone’s very excited about the new thriller from director David Fincher–but we’re not sure why he decided to shoot the movie in the dark. We can barely make out the plot about a seemingly ideal suburban husband who becomes the lead suspect when his wife goes missing.

We know that’s Rosamund Pike as Affleck’s wife, but it’s kind of tough to figure out the rest. Anyway, see what you can make of all this–and maybe you’ll join us as people who’ve read the book and are hoping for an improved ending from Fincher’s team. As long as we can see the thing….

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