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Celebrate Toni Garrn Turning 22 With Her 22 Sexiest Shots [PICS]


Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn turns 22 years old today, which means that Leonard DiCaprio is flipping through fashion magazines and making his plans for an August girlfriend. Or maybe not. Toni Garrn might be the babe with the bod that keeps Leonardo interested in maintaining a model girlfriend into her twilight years.

We’re strictly talking Hollywood standards, though. Rest assured that Toni Garrn still seems like a young and vibrant lingerie model to us. We even think that Toni Garrn still has what it takes to be a bikini model. Furthermore, we’re pretty sure that we’d be happy if Toni Garrn hooked up with us until we were old and grey and feeble. At the rate we’re drinking, that should be sometime around 2032. Then she’ll probably get together with George Clooney, Jr.

Anyway, Toni Garrn would deserve plenty of attention even if she wasn’t Leonard DiCaprio’s main gal nowadays. She’s been working the major catwalks since the age of 15, so she knows as much about teen stardom as her boyfriend. Toni can pay her own way, too, since she’s been one of the biz’s top-paid models since around 2012.

That was shortly after Toni made her debut with Victoria’s Secret. Toni was already a favorite model of many of the industry’s top photographers, though, and these 22 pics will give you an idea of how much personality she can bring to a shoot. Yeah, she has a great personality–and while it’s not a happy thought, we’re thinking that Toni might even have what it takes to get Leonardo to settle down…

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