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Victoria Beckham Sure Couldn’t Wait To Meet Samuel L. Jackson [VIDEO]


Victoria Beckham Samuel L. Jackson

The most suspense-filled matchup at Wimbledon this year didn’t have anything to do with a tennis match. Instead, it had plenty to do with tennis WAG Victoria Beckham and movie star Samuel L. Jackson.

The former Spice Girl, of course, was with her UK soccer star husband David Beckham in the priciest seats in the house. Samuel L. Jackson also ranked that kind of first-class seating, and…well, we’re thinking that Victoria Beckham might not get out to many comic-book movies. She sure didn’t seem to recognize Samuel L. Jackson from either his many illustrious indie productions or his work as Nick Fucy in all kinds of international box-office hits.

Anyway, check this out and enjoy the sight of Victoria looking very much out of sorts. We know that she was Posh Spice, but this is acting a little too posh….

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