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Sara McLean Makes U.S. Soccer Star Tim Howard A World Cup Winner [PICS]


Scottish sex symbol Sara McLean is dating Team USA soccer star Tim Howard–and we’re thinking the New Jersey native really appreciates being part of some international competition. There can’t be any better sport than soccer for a guy like Tim Howard to hook up with Sara McLean, who’s a big deal in her homeland as Miss Scotland 2011.

Of course, there’s an annual winner of the Miss Scotland pageant, but Sara McLean was charming enough to take her bikini-clad bod to the British reality show Big Brother a year later. It wasn’t even Celebrity Big Brother. Sara easily stood out amongst some mere mortals, of course, and survived all the way to the final show.

She only made it to 4th place in the final tally, but Sara soon won over plenty more Brits when she posed nude for Zip magazine in March of last year. People have learned about Sara’s romance with Tim Howard via her Twitter account–but for real proof that she’s a keeper, consider that Sara hasn’t been at the games because she can’t get away from her job in London as an investment banker.

Yeah, that’s good. American soccer stars need to date girls who can earn, you know? But check out these pics, and you’ll see why Tim would be dating Sara if she made as much money as your average COED staffer….

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