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Happy Birthday To Brian Posehn, The Clown Geek Of Heavy Metal [VIDEOS]



Brian Posehn

Whether you know him from Mr. Show, Just Shoot Me, The Comedians of Comedy, The Sarah Silverman Program, or any one of his numerous stand-up specials, you’re aware of comedy’s gentle giant, Brian Posehn. The 6’7″ comedian is in a class all by himself, catering to more sophisticated comedy audiences like fans of Mr. Show, as well as being a regular performer at The Gathering of the Juggalos. It’s hard to believe it, but Posehn is actually turning 48 today.

If you’ve never seen his stand-up before, it’s a brilliant mix of geeky topics like Star Wars and comic books, and crass humor. In fact, his most recent special is called The Fartist. In 2012, he actually landed every geek’s dream by getting a job writing for the comic Deadpool, and he also began a podcast titled Nerd Poker, where comedians get together to play Dungeons & Dragons.

To get a sense of how much his comedy runs the gamut, check out these two bits from his most recent special, which¬†couldn’t be more different. In the first he talks about how Star Wars betrayed him and in the other, he talks about how his position on comedians talking about their children has changed now that he’s a dad…

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