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Angel Pai on “The Leftovers” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Angel Pai on The Leftovers

(10:00 PM EST, HBO)

You’d think that your See Her Tonight column would be distracted by Miley Cyrus bringing her sexy Bangerz Tour to NBC, but we’ve already enjoyed plenty of hot shots from that scene. Instead, we’re still pondering the hot babes that God left behind during the Rapture that propels the plot of HBO’s The Leftovers. [photo via…]

Last week had Natalie Gal as a gorgeous gal that was still around, and we’ll see more of her tonight–as well as Angel Pai as a lovely lady working a ranch. That’s kind of a surprise, since we think of Angel Pai as a hot New York City actress usually seen on city streets. She first caught our eye as a lovely lesbian in a 2009 episode of Rescue Me, followed by a turn as a bathing beauty on HBO’s Bored to Death. Then she made it to 30 Rock before an obligatory turn as part of the cast working the Law & Order franchises.

It’s no surprise that Angel is also staying busy as a model in the city, of course–but we think that casting directors are catching on quickly that Angel Pai is usually stealing some scenes in small parts. Our biggest concern is that Angel will catch on as a television personality, since she’s a really smart gal with a lot to say for herself. Check out these pics ranging from the personal to the professional, and see why we’re always looking in our living rooms for an Angel…

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