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Party Weekend For 25th Anniversary Of “Weekend At Bernie’s” [VIDEOS]


The summer of 1989 was one of the greatest summers ever at the movies. While everyone complains today about the lack of originality at the multiplex, that was the summer of Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeGhostbusters IIKarate Kid Part IIIStar Trek VFriday the 13th Part VIIILethal Weapon 2, and Nightmare on Elm Street V.

A handful of original films managed to break-out however, the most famous of which was Tim Burton’s Batman, but a few other originals were substantial hits as well, not least of which is the ridiculously awesome comedy Weekend at Bernie’s. Released on July 5, 1989, Weekend at Bernie’s tells the tale of two hapless flunkies (Jonathan Silverman, Andrew McCarthy) at a major corporation that discover someone’s embezzling money.

When they bring the information to their boss Bernie (Terry Kiser), he invites them to his beach house where he plans to have them killed. The guys working with Bernie to embezzle the money, however, have grown tired of his antics, and decide to have him killed instead and frame the clueless losers–who must now work to convince everyone that Bernie is still alive and well, so they’re not arrested for his murder…

It’s a standard comedy set-up. Okay, so not at all, really. I was actually shocked to discover this wasn’t based on a French film, since most of the wacky 80s comedies that were hits in the US were based on high concept French flicks, but this one is all-American. Also in that American film tradition: Weekend at Bernie’s is notable for having one of the worst sequels of all time. How on earth can you make a sequel to that movie? Well, the simple answer is to add voodoo. Works every time…

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