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A Dozen Epic Fireworks Fails (To Celebrate Surviving The 4th) [VIDEOS]


fireworks fail videos

The best thing about July 5th, amazingly enough, is not that today is Bikini Day. The best thing about July 5th is being able to count all of our fingers and both thumbs because we managed to not get drunk and risk important body parts by playing with fireworks. Others have not been so lucky through the years. Here’s a daringly dumb dozen guys who managed to gain the worst kind of internet fame–and all it took was easily-accessible explosives. Alcohol might also be involved. Just watch out for the bad language. Not that you can blame these guys…

The Neighbors Are Going To Be Pissed

Burn Down the Farm

Straight to the Face

To The Nuts

Homemade Fireworks Fail

Fireworks Factory Explosion

Roman Candle to the Face

Lucky? No Lucky? No Lucky!

Fireworks Out the Ass

Brutal M-80 Accident (Beware)

Fail to the Face

Literal Firework Fail

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