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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Friday, July 4th


We were expecting some patriotic displays for the Fourth of July–but we still weren’t ready for the fine feminine fireworks that lit up our Instagram feed. Kindly Myers is just one of the amazing ladies who are celebrating the Fourth in amazing style. Not all of them whipped out the bikinis for the big day, either. Erin Elizabeth Kelly has us seeing double with an awesome one-piece swimsuit. Crystal Hefner also looks great in a red, white & blue setting, while Sara Sampaio really gets her colors flying all in one piece.

Ellie Gonsalves is busting out some patriotic roleplay with a turn as Wonder Woman, and Chelsea Franz manages to get us saluting over some denim hot pants. Natalia Barulich settles for knocking us out with some red, white & blue denim short shorts.

Taylor Godfrey does some product placement that passes as good old-fashioned capitalism, and Claudia Fijal refuses to give up World Cup Fever while still rocking things USA-stylee. The really important thing, though, is that we’ve been looking at star-spangled sex symbols in galleries like this and maybe this over the past week, and these Instagram gals only prove that it never gets old….

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