Isabeli Fontana: Beautiful Brazilian Born On The 4th of July [36 PICS]

You can blame World Cup Fever, but we’re pretty sure that no one’s going to mind that we’re celebrating Brazilian birthday girl Isabeli Fontana on this Fourth of July. As you can see in the pic above, the stunning Victoria’s Secret model also looks plenty stunning in red, white & blue–and she isn’t showing one of the many hot gals showing off star-spangled bikini tops. [photo via…]

Sadly, Isabeli isn’t as big of a name in the States as you should be. We’ve certainly celebrated her sexuality with some earlier hot galleries, but Isabeli Fontana seems to be pretty happy as a big name in Brazil. We know that it’s one place where it’s not easy to stand out as a hot gal, but Isabeli manages with her striking 5’9″ figure.

So celebrate the Fourth with these fine pics–and if you really need an American birthday gal to yank your doodle dandy, check out the awesome Alyssa Miller

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