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July 4th Barbecue: COED’s Down & Dirty Ultimate Guide


4th of July Simple BBQ Guide

Are you finding out that your Fourth of July hasn’t been washed away after all? Or maybe you’re just now realizing that there’s still time to rustle up some meat and fire up the grill–but not enough time to get caught up in all kinds of barbecue oneupmanship.

We know that feeling. Everyone’s rambling on with their special family recipes or one weird trick to make the best barbecue, and you just want to have a simple meal that still lets you feel like you’re celebrating the holiday. That means you need to take the time to go over this very simple down ‘n’ dirty guide to putting together a great feast of smoked meat.

We’re not sending you to the store to get chocolate chips as part of your charcoal rub, or telling you which imported beer makes a great secret marinade. We’re telling you how to get eating good food at a quick pace. We’re pretty sure that’s the kind of freedom that our forefathers fought for, too–so get grilling and let others brag about their really cool recipes that only add a few hours to the process…

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