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A Fourth of July Message From Captain James Tiberius Kirk [VIDEO]



Hey, it’s the Fourth of July here in the United States, and we’re all ready to stare at girls in patriotic bikinis while cooking up steaks and getting ready to watch some epic fireworks bursting in air. But, as always, we think that people should take the time to appreciate the true meaning of the Fourth of July. And nobody can sum that up better than James Tiberius Kirk. After all, the Star Trek captain’s presence inherently proves the greatness of America even in the sci-fi future.

So watch Captain Kirk forget the Prime Directive (again) and school some screwhead aliens about the true importance of a document that we call the United States Constitution! We’re pretty sure that’s what the forefathers signed on July 4th, and now we’re celebrating that America is 2,014 years old. That sounds right. Truth is, America’s educational system has kind of been slipping lately…

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