Jaime Murray on "Defiance" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Jaime Murray on Defiance

(8:00 PM EST, Syfy)

It’s always a little confusing for your See Her Tonight column to find Jaime Murray in another genre role, since she always seems like a star to us. We guess that Jaime Murray is still sort of a cultish name, though–even if she became a big deal as the psycho killer who was finally able to romance the title character of the Showtime series Dexter.
Jaime really helped Dexter have a stellar second season. The role was also a big breakthrough for the English actress, who was then best known for a season as a con woman on the UK series Hustle. Jaime went on to a fantastic role as a goddess on a short-lived show called Valentine, and stole scenes in the Spartacus miniseries. She also showed up on Children’s Hospital and the underrated CW series Ringer–plus a fun turn as the lead vampire in the direct-to-video sequel of the Fright Night reboot.
And now we have Jaime Murray giving us all kinds of new fetishes as a sexy albino alien queen on the Syfy series Defiance. She’s one of seven alien races forced to live together in a small American town, and  Jaime’s made the Castithans our clear favorites in the otherwordly sweepstakes. We have some pics here that’ll also get you open to some interspecies mingling–but you’ll also be won over by how Jaime Murray can turn any role into a fantasy turn…

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