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Rosario Dawson Rocks “Sin City” In Sexy New Photo & Video [17 PICS]


Yes, that’s Rosario Dawson from Sin City: A Dame To Kill For in the pic above–and she’s looking pretty sensational in her returning role as sexy assassin Gail–who’s also kind of a pimp, but that’s cool, because she represents all of the other kill-crazed hookers of Sin City.

This is a very hot new shot of Rosario in the role, but we’re even more excited to show off a special Sin City clip from the upcoming sequel.┬áThis video was quickly yanked when it first somehow stumbled out into polite society, but here it is again (for what’s hopefully not a limited time)….

Yep, that’s how we remember things going in Sin City. But┬ámaybe you’ve forgotten that Rosario Dawson’s a real sex symbol. If that’s the case, then check out some more sinful pics from Rosario’s very exciting career–with some very exciting imagery…

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