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Jessica Canesco on “Hollywood Exes” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Jessica Canesco on Hollywood Exes

(9:00 PM EST, VH1)

Your See Her Tonight column doesn’t follow too many reality-television shows, but Hollywood Exes also has us tuning in for Jessica Canesco–who isn’t just a former baseball WAG who’s made a successful transition into a drama queen. She also met her baseball hero hubby Jose while training as a Hooters waitress. We can think of no finer career path.

And it’s kind of a big deal to see Jessica Canesco on tonight’s Hollywood Exes, since she’s briefly gone missing in action as the show’s most controversial figure. Jessica pops up tonight as Drea Kelly (ex-wife of R. Kelly) gets married to Brian McKee, but don’t get too attached to that relationship. This footage is from the March wedding, and Drea announced that the couple was getting divorced in May. That’s going to make Jessica look pretty good if she’s disrupting the wedding tonight.

Jessica, of course, doesn’t really need a reality-television show with (possibly) rigged marriages. She’s a certified Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist and also remains popular as a model. We’re mainly interested in her as a model–and you’ll feel the same way after checking out the pics below, which should get any guy happily considering an eight-week commitment to marriage…

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