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Carmen Electra Brings Sexy Glamour to Galore Magazine [PICS]


We all know that women aren’t competitive at all, so it was just a coincidence that former Baywatch star Carmen Electra popped up in some amazingly hot new pics just in time for Pamela Anderson’s birthday yesterday. We’re mostly just amazed that we’re still getting excited over major-league sex symbols of the ’90s.

Anyway, Carmen¬†Electra is sure looking amazing for Galore magazine. We’ve already gotten excited over Galore’s first sexy “Summer Bombshells”¬†issue of the year, and we’re thinking that Carmen is leading Galore‘s next collection of beautiful bombshell babes. Galore will also have a fun interview where Carmen discusses reality television and her reggae obsession–which never really came up during her pop music career.

Anyway, check out these gorgeous Galore shots–and then enjoy more sexy ’90s nostalgia with 63 hot pics of Carmen as we look back at her wedding to Dennis Rodman. Yeah, that happened…

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