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Buffalo Jills Lawsuit Moves Forward


New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills

The cheerleaders have always been a huge part of football over the years so when lawsuits are filed by them, ears perk up. The Buffalo Bills’ cheerleaders known as the “Buffalo Jills” saw their lawsuit against the team continue after the Bills requested that it was dismissed. The Jills are arguing that they were paid less than minimum wage and worked for free at times where they were subjected to groping and sexual comments. [lead image copyright: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images]

This is a case that could have a long-lasting impact on cheerleaders moving forward. Most of them probably get the right amount of money and don’t have to work for free on occasion but if it was happening, this lawsuit is going to change minds and changes will be made. The judge in the case said that there is a question about how much control the Bills had on their cheerleading crew.

The case will move forward and there is going to be a point where the sides are going to see the end of this. The Bills probably would love to come up with a cash settlement right about now so the publicity goes away.

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