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Aaron Hernandez Featured In Florida and Patriots’ Calendars



The name Aaron Hernandez is like poison these days. However, two recent calendars have brought his name into the spotlight again. Hernandez is featured as Mr. July in the University of Florida’s 2014 sports calendar and he is also featured in a New England Patriots calendar. Florida said that they approved the calendars before Hernandez was charged with murder and the Patriots won’t talk about anything Hernandez. The calendars were still available on Target’s website on Tuesday afternoon.

It would have been a lot simpler if the calendars were never released at all. It is true that Hernandez had a great career with the Gators and to begin his pro career in New England but the charges against him now should have stopped this from happening. There are going to be a lot of questions for the calendar makers to continue the process.

Hernandez is still awaiting trial but isn’t likely to see a football field ever again. It would be very surprising if the calendars were still available by the end of the week with all the negative press they are getting.

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