Sibylla Deen on "Tyrant" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Sibylla Deen on Tyrant

(10:00 PM EST, FX)

Your humble See Her Tonight column wasn’t expecting much from Tyrant, but the FX network has really done an impressive job of taking a typical nighttime soap opera and planting it amongst Middle Eastern intrigue. We don’t even care that Tyrant is pretty much setting things up like Dallas. Especially since that includes a cast of hot beauties like Sibylla Deen.
Sibylla Deen has had good luck with soap operas before. She’s just one of the many rising stars (like Chris Hemsworth) who started out on the long-running Australian drama Home and Away. She took a pretty long break before starting to work in America in 2011, and started out with a humble turn on the USA series Royal Pains.
She’s only recently started to get busy. It was fun to see her on the big screen in the barely-released horror movie Jinn, but Sibylla’s actually doing double duty in our living rooms. We know that she’s in at least two episodes of the (kinda crappy) summer series Taxi Brooklyn, with Tyrant looking to be a lot more prestigious. Sibylla’s been looking great while picking up some extra work as a model over the years. Check out these pics for plenty of good reasons for bringing a Tyrant into your house tonight…

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