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Pamela Anderson Turns 47 With Some Changes [86 PICS]


Pamela Anderson turns 47 years old today–that being July 1, 2014–and it must mean something that the world still cares. In fact, the legendary blonde Baywatch babe is still trying to undo some remnants of her past. We’re actually kind of saddened tthat Pamela’s been slowly getting rid of the barb wire tattoo that she originally got to play the lead role in the notorious 1996 comic-book movie Barb Wire. We always thought it was kind of cool that Pamela Anderson was still embracing the role that kind of derailed her career back in the ’90s.

Fortunately, the world still embraces Pamela Anderson. It was big news when she decided to run the New York marathon, and we celebrated with hot GIFs of Pamela running on Baywatch. That’s not the only time that we’ve collected Pamela’s sexiest GIFs, either. It’s been a while since Pamela really had a major showcase, though. Her biggest break recently was when Borat spent most of that 2008 documentary desperately searching for his ideal blonde. That was a documentary, right?

Well, we know that Unity is, which came out this year and had Pamela narrating some important cosmic truths alongside the likes of Dr. Dre, Helen Mirren, and Tony Hawk–not to mention sex symbols like Dianna Agron, Famke JanssenOlivia Wilde, and Zoe Saldana.

We’d be watching any action movie that featured those gals. Let’s hope that Pamela’s on the short list for the long-rumored Expendabelles project. She’s still one built babe–even without the tough tattoo–and Pamela can still inspire a pretty fervent following. Check out these pics to see why she’s still one enduring sex symbol…

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