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More Of “Avengers 2” Being Shot, Probably With Scarlet Witch [VIDEO]


Avengers 2 Behind The Scenes Shots

We know that it might seem geeky to check out random video of Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron being filmed–but we’re pretty sure that we’re looking at Elizabeth Olsen here as the Scarlet Witch, so that’s kind of interesting. She looks ready to be whipping up some mayhem with her mutant powers here. Except we think that FOX Studios owns the rights to the word “mutant,” so she’ll have to refer to her “miracles.”

At least that’s what we think is the filler term for “mutant,” judging from the post-credits scene in Captain America; The Winter Soldier.¬†It’s also fun to see how the crew disposes of prop cars here–but, yeah, we’re mostly checking out the action. We remember watching what looked like random footage of Loki running around a town square in Germany back when The Avengers was shooting, and that turned out to be one of the best¬†scenes in the movie. Now we’re pondering what’ll be going on with that green screen….

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