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Kendall Jones: Texas Tech Cheerleader And… Lion Hunter?


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This is Kendall Jones, a 19-year-old cheerleader at Texas Tech.

Doesn’t look like she could hurt a fly, right?

Since the age of 13, Kendall has taken hunting trips to southern African countries, where she’s hunted down animals including the lion and leopard above, a white rhino, a charging Cape buffalo, a hippopotamus, a zebra, and an elephant.

The Internet is freaking out at Kendall. Petitions are floating to remove her hunting photographs from Facebook, as well as ban her from the country of South Africa. Many have taken to leaving hateful comments on her page.


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Some thoughts:J

First of all, isn’t it a little hypocritical expressing your disapproval of violence toward animals with death threats? Just a little? The sheer hatred from some of these commenters is more disturbing than the images, which is saying a lot.

kendall 8

Also, are all of these angry people vegetarians? I doubt it. And if you eat meat in a developed country without doing ethical research first, then you’re supporting a factory farm industry that stuffs millions of intelligent animals into tiny crates before mass slaughter. Maybe confronting this issue is a better use of your time than sending cruel personal attacks to a girl who kills a handful of animals a year.

All that being said, Kendall Jones is trophy-hunting endangered animals in poor countries. Kendall has defended her actions by pointing out that the money she spends on her safari license goes toward conserving the same animal populations she is hunting. However, this article points out the problems with this positive spin on trophy-hunting. Kendall might believe that she is ultimately benefiting these animal populations, but it’s understandable why people are so angry at her.

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What do you think, COED readers?

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