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Breast Envy Bikini Bonanza [34 Pics]


It’s bikini season, and that means plenty of babes on the beach in…um, bikinis. But what happens when you get two bikini babes who offer a real contrast? Well, we hope that a beach party happens. Sometimes, however, what you get is some classic breast envy. More specifically, breast envy of the bikini kind.

We sure love to see gals getting along, but we know that bikinis don’t do much to provide a great equalizer when it comes to baring a bod on a beach. We personally love to see bikinis showing off boobies of all kinds. And yet we can’t help but notice that the occasional beach snapshot captures some of that ol’ green-eyed monster.

Our own eyes catch everything from sincere jealousy to some good-natured joking around–plus a few brave smiles. All of those touching moments are collected right here. Check them out and just hope that all of these beautiful beach babes can somehow get along…

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